Python Flask on the Pi




To view a live video overview of what you’ll be building go here. For this Python Flask project I used a Raspberry Pi/B+, a fresh Raspbian Stretch image which was fully updated and upgraded, a virtual environment, Python3.X, MySQL , and the Python Flask framework. This was a beginner flask introduction project that uses a Bootstrap for a richer UI.  After completing this project, I went to the Flask website and competed their full tutorial.

My GitHub link contains my working project source code at:  timcarl/rpi-3-flask-website if you want to clone it.  I first watched Brad Traversy’s You-Tube Flask tutorial. Great content and instruction.  I had to make several corrections in the code for it to work.  I highly recommend going over to the Flask website, grab a coffee, and read and work their tutorial in full. Flask does an excellent job at explaining the Flask project code.


There are a number of resources on the web for Flask instruction.  A few top recommendations are;

  1.  The Flask Mega Tutorial
  2. The Flask website  (mentioned above already with link)
  3. Brad Traversy’s Flask Tutorial 


If you have any questions or need assistance email me.